Frida Bag - Personalized Red Backpack

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Personalized Frida-inspired Back-Pack. 100% Hand-Painted Bag. A good school backpack should be able to carry all of the books and supplies you need for a long day of classes—while also being comfortable and stylish. We have created one that is not just comfortable but extremely beautiful. Your daughter will love it! Ideal for girls or any Fridalover out there!


• Material: Soft Cotton Canvas
• Color: Red
• Length: 12 inch approx.
• Height: 16 inch approx.
• Wight: 6 inch approx.
• Shoulder Strap (Max) 22 inches.

The length of strap can be manually adjusted as needed.

Back-Pack has one external bag in each side.

Widening thick shoulder straps designed to make travel more comfortable and relaxed.

One main large compartment with one open pocket inside.

Interior soft pad.

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Please send us via email the desired name to be painted on the bag (due to limited space and aesthetic purposes, the shortest the name, the better). Do not forger to include the order number. If NONE we will just use the name 'Frida' on that space. 15 letter  maximum (including spaces).

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**** Colors shown in this listing are true to my monitor, and each monitor and viewing device may differ or vary from the actual item or any other items I offer on this site. I make the best attempt to ensure the colors on my monitor closely match the actual physical item.

    • Please understand that handmade, and hand painted items, by nature, have imperfections. Although we are thorough, there are inconsistencies based on the creative nature, each item will look a little different from the next.

    • Our items have natural and unique imperfections. Our items are studio produced and our process is genuine and full of love and care. Do you remember the handmade items your grandma used to make? Ours products echo those quaint little handmade differences.

    • Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in our shop that are exactly the same.

*** Every hand painted bag is unique. Flowers' styles and\or colors might slightly vary from actual.

*** This backpack was designed to carry no more than three pounds when worn correctly so the weight of the bag is distributed equally across the body. Kids who wear their backpacks over just one shoulder — as many do, because they think it looks better or just feels easier — may end up leaning to one side to offset the extra weigh ripping the zipper.