Feminist Frida Necklace/Pendant

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Hand-Painted Frida Kahlo Feminist-Rebel Wooden Pendant/Necklace. Did you know that the way you dress and accessorize tell people a lot about who you are?

Have you ever wondered what your choice of jewelry says about you?

While personality is a highly complex issue, jewelry is a tool that you can use to make a statement to others about who you are. If you take a moment to think about what jewelry says about the people you know as well as those you meet for the first time or see on the street, you can start to understand what your own jewelry says about you.

"Embracing who we are and looking bravery ahead," that's the meaning behind this marvelous and uniquely designed hand painted Frida Pendant.

Frida is known for her self-portraits and the way she portrayed her emotions through art. Though plagued by pain for most of her life, Frida never let that stop her from pursuing her passions.  Frida Kahlo was an incredibly amazing woman. Her life was filled with physical as well as emotional pain. She endured more in her short life than most people will ever have to face. But she endured. She put her emotions into her painting, and as it were, she wore her heart on her canvas. Her work is a rare blend of true emotion, heartbreak, love, and life, as well as death.

If you identify yourself with this amazing and brave Mexican artists then this pendant was exclusively designed for you...

This pendant/necklace was painted by hand using high quality acrylic paint over a wooden plate and made from scratch.
It is approximately 2 inches high x 1.35 inches wide. The black waxed cotton necklace is approximately 24 inches long.

Excellent and unique gift idea for every Frida Fan.



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