Little Frida Travel Bag

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Frida Kahlo Bag. Cute gift idea for girls. A very unique retro style bag. Frida-inspired portrait is 100% Hand-Painted. Kahlo is one of the most famous and talented Mexican artists around the world. The bag's basic shape design at a moderate size is suitable for school, work or play. The Zipped internal and external pockets ensure that the things you need to hand don't stray, while adjustable shoulder strap offers a comfortable fit. All that plus the feeling of uniqueness in one bag... it's 'bagmazing'!!!


• Retro Flight/Travel Bag.
• Front Zippered Pocket.
• Internal Zippered Pocket.
• Dimensions: 12x11x14 inches.
• Adjustable Shoulder Straps.
• Capacity 7 Liters.

NOTE: Colors and design presented in the pictures may differ slightly from actual.

We intend to make every single unique so we reserved the right to change some of the elements and colors. However, the overall design concept will remain the same.


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